Missions are how you select which scenario you wish to participate in. The bonestructure of Naval Ops (obviously), they are divided into 2 major types:

  • Normal Mission. This sort of mission involves "normal" scenarios. This ranges from escorts to attacks, defence to stealth, and so on and so forth. In Warship gunner 1, they had a pattern to which sort of loot you would get (E.g, having laser weapon loot in "-9" stages, and special weapons in "-10" stages).
  • Boss mission. This is why the fanbase of Naval Ops loved this game; massive, oversised and epic looking bosses. These bosses ranged from the super speedy Sturmwind to the railway superweapon, Vogel Sumera, and so on and so forth. These missions usually have 1 objective; "SINK THE SUPERSHIP". Easier said than done, they can range to having millions of artilley shells being shot at you, to giant, matter bending cannons. Though hard, many fans tend not to care. After all, who doesnt like fighting icebergs and oil rigs of doom?


  • A lot of the superweapons were recycled throughout the game series. This concequently lead to some of the superships gaining other abilities (Like Trolls(l)egur for example. In Warship Gunner and Warship Gunner:Commander, it was your massive laser battleship with a cannon at the bow that did not work. BUT, in Warship Gunner 2, when Trollsegur took enough damage, the bowgun would come online and start firing photon blasts at you. It was awesome, until you got hit by it).